Office of the Chief

The office of the Chief contains the Accreditation Manager and Administrate Assistant that work directly for the Chief of Police.  The Office of the Chief is responsible for Accrediation, Grants, Fiscal Services, and Records. The personnel assigned to these duties generally work normal business hours.  When you visit our Police Department, it will likely be members of this division who will be the first to greet you.   

Patrol Operations

The Patrol Operations Division is overseen by a Lieutenant and currently is comprised of four 12-hour shifts. The Patrol Operations Division is responsible for handling all calls for service, enforcing traffic laws, serving warrants, and patrolling the town limits of Colonial Beach.

Support Services

The Support Services Division of the police department is comprised of of both sworn and civilian employees. The Support Services Division is responsible for the following functions within the department: Computer Services, Fleet, Investigations as well as Property and Evidence.