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Stormwater Survey
Are you interested in providing your input on the Town's first Resilience & Stormwater Management Plan? Click the link below and submit your response by May 20th. 

The Town of Colonial Beach, with the assistance of a planning, civil and environmental engineering consultant team comprised of the Berkley Group and Tetra Tech, is developing both a Resilience Plan and a Stormwater Management Plan for the Town. These plans are intended to address flooding issues impacting the community, assess how these issues may be increasing and/or evolving, and identify steps and actions the Town can take to improve the resilience of the Town and its residents, businesses, and property owners.

The purpose of the Resilience Plan is to identify the causes of current and future flooding issues at the Town and neighborhood scale. The Resilience Plan will also develop and prioritize a list of projects to help mitigate these causes. The purpose of the Stormwater Management Plan is to provide a high-level overview of the Town's existing stormwater infrastructure (e.g., stormwater pipes, ditches, culverts) and its capability to address flooding issues as well as identify potential future infrastructure needs. The Plans will also assess and make recommendations regarding regulatory, administrative, operational, and educational practices to help improve stormwater conditions within the Town and lessen the flooding impacts from increased rainfall and sea level rise impacts due to climate change.  

A critical component to the overall Plan development process is input from members of the community, especially for those who live and work in the Town. Accordingly, this Public Survey has been written to solicit your input and perspectives on existing flooding issues that impact your community. 

Thank you for your participation!