Vendors and Peddlers

food truck permit post (00A)

Attention to all Prospective Vendors. This page includes all the necessary information to begin the process of starting your own food truck in Colonial Beach. We are pleased to inform you that the Town’s Vendor/Peddler program is still currently taking applications for the Town Hill vendor area with the current season running until September 30th. 

Following recent changes to the ordinances surrounding Vendors, the Town now offers expanded access for food trucks on public property. Food Trucks are allowed on most public property including streets, parks, and the beach with a valid business license and vendor/peddler permit. The requested locations will be approved as part of the application process. 

2023 Business License Application

Vendor/Peddler Application and Agreement

Based on recent zoning code changes adopted by Town Council, food trucks are not allowed on private property except as part of a mobile vending courtyard, which can be established through a Conditional Use Permit application process. 

Article 16- Conditional Use Permits

Vendor Permit Types 

During Season (April 1- September 30) 

  • Season Vendor Program permit - $2000

    • Limited to 4 permits per season 
    • Limited to food vendors only  
    • Utilities included in permit fee  
    • Must remit meals tax monthly by the 20th- forms available in Finance & Customer Service
    • Locations are pre-designated on Town Hill- one of four spots will be assigned by the manager of the vendor program with the approval of the Town Manager
  • Weekend vendor permit - (Friday-Sunday)- $350  

  • One-day vendor permit - weekend - $150  

  • One-day vendor permit - weekday - $100 

During Offseason (October 1- March 31) 

  • One-day vendor permit- weekend - $75  

  • One-day vendor permit- weekday - $50 

Peddler Permit Types 

  • Seasonal peddler permit (April 1- September 30)- $1,500  

  • One-day peddler permit (October 1- March 31) - $150