GIS - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there usage instructions for the viewer?


    Yes. There is a help file link on the web site next to the map viewer link.

  2. Why don’t the boundary lines match up with the aerial photo?


    The aerial photography tiles are flattened and meshed for a mosaic which skew’s a 2-dimensional view. The boundaries are currently not drawn to survey quality specifications. This will be a gradual process to correct.

  3. Why do a lot of parcels show a “0” County Listed Tax AC?


    This data is provided by Westmoreland County. Please contact the Westmoreland County Commissioner of the Revenue office for more information.

  4. Why is the County Listed Tax AC different than the GIS Calculated AC?


    The GIS Calculated AC is based on the area as it is mapped. It is not derived from surveyed acres.

  5. The map shows an incorrect Map ID and ownership information. How do I report this?


    We need to know about any identified discrepancy of this nature. Please send an email to  with ‘Map ID Discrepancy’ in the subject line. Provide any details that you have about the discrepancy and include any screenshots or images you may have to help identify and correct the discrepancy.

  6. How current is the Tax Information?


    The Tax Information is updated at the end of the 3rd quarter once the Town has received the annual update from Westmoreland County.

  7. How current is the aerial photography?


    The  base map aerial photography is provided by NAIP (National     Agriculture Imagery Program). This imagery is typically updated     every 2 years.

  8. Why doesn’t this map look like the County map?


    This is the initial launch of the Town of Colonial Beach Parcel Viewer. The basic platform used to develop the map is different from what is used by the County. We will be improving the system as we get feedback and identify functionality and aesthetic improvements for future updates.

  9. Can I use navigation with this app?


    No. You can toggle your location to pan and center the map to you while using it on a mobile device, however, there is no routing or navigation services currently available.

  10. How can I provide feedback with suggestions that I might have?


    Feedback from Colonial Beach residents is very important to us. Our goal is to provide a useful tool to residents, Town staff, tourists, entrepreneurs, and future Town residents. Please send an email to with ‘Feedback’ or ‘Comments’ in the subject line. Give us your ideas so we can all help to optimize this system for our Town.

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