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Town of Colonial Beach - Resident Parking


Effective April 2023

No Vehicle Fee- No Vehicle Decals 

Effective April 2023, vehicle decals will no longer be sold at Town Hall. If you are a town resident with a vehicle registered in town limits, who paid Personal Property taxes in 2022, your license plate number has been entered into our automated parking system.   

The $30.00 vehicle licensing fee will be on your 2023 Personal Property tax bill if the vehicle was registered in the town before January 1st, 2023. Paying this bill annually makes you eligible for free parking in paid parking spots. 

If you have or will purchase a new vehicle or moved the garage location of your vehicle to the Town after January 1st, 2022, please bring your registration showing your new license plate number. There is a $30.00 licensing fee to add new, recently in-town, or additional vehicles to the automated parking system.