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Demo Land Disturbance Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Zoning Application for Demolition/Land Disturbance
  3. 3. Note: This page is for office use only
  4. 4. Agreement in Lieu of an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan
  5. 5. Public Utilitiy Release Application
  6. 6. Memorandum
  7. 7. Asbestos Certification Form Continued
  • Step One

    1. Application Check List for a Demolition or Land Disturbance

      In order to process your building permit the following items must be submitted if applicable. Failure to submit a complete application packet can result in a delay in approving and releasing the permit.

    2. Demolition/Land Disturbance Permit Application Checklist
    3. Items Required (Applicant)
    4. Items Required (Staff)
    5. • All plans must be stamped by a certified design professional or engineer.
    6. Bond/Letter of Credit Amounts

      Erosion & Sediment Control

      Public Works

      Lot Size 1.0 Acre Or Less

      Lot Size Greater Than

      1.0 Acre

      Demolition of Structure



      $2500 + $100* for each 1/10

      acre over 2.0 acres


      $1000 Bond** plus

      $100 Permit Fee

      * E&S bond is refunded upon inspection showing 80% lot coverage (grass).

      ** Entrance bond is refunded upon final inspection by Public Works.

      • All new structures/uses shall have to install a water meter. (Contact Public Works 804-224-7260)
      • Applicant may be required to submit tax receipt showing taxes on the property are current. (§ 15.2-2286) 
      • A failed inspection shall be subject to a re-inspection fee in accordance with the Town Fee Schedule. All re-inspection fees must be paid prior to future inspections.
      • As of July 1, 2014, it is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain proper Stormwater Permit(s) from the Department of Environmental Quality: 1-800-592-5482, or on the web.
      • Trees that are 6 inches at breast height and located outside of the footprint of construction can only be removed if declared “diseased, dead, or dying” by a certified arborist. A Woodlot Management Permit must be obtained. Trees removed without a permit are subject to a fine of $200 per tree removed.
      • Should you have any questions regarding the Permit Application and Notification for Asbestos Removal and Demolition, which is located at the bottom of this permit application, please refer to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s website.