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  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Land Use Permit Instructions
  3. 3. Application
  4. 4. VDOT / CBPWSD Work Zone Traffic Control Certification Verification
  5. 5. Notice of Permittee Liability
  6. 6. Virginia Work Zone Traffic Control Training Options
  7. 7. Step Seven
  8. 8. Step Eight
  • Step One

    1. Public Works Department (Streets Division) Land Use / Private Entrance Application Forms & Instructions

      Read this packet completely and return the attached forms to the Colonial Beach Department of Planning and Community Development at the address listed above. This packet and its attached fonns are required for any Right-of-Way excavations including: new or improved entrance onto any Town street, paving over any existing gravel driveway, and utility installations

    2. Land Use / Private Entrance Permit Application Checklist
    3. Items Required (Applicant)
    4. Items Required (Staff)
    5. Requirements
      • The applicant should stake off or flag the location at which the new entrance(s) and/or culvert pipe(s) are to be installed. On the application, be sure to clearly indicate the tax map number and the 2 closest roads.
      • The Colonial Beach Public Works Department (Streets Division) will inspect the proposed and completed installations permitted by this application. The Streets Division supervisors can be reached at 804-224-7260.
        • Concrete pipe is the preferred material for culvert pipe. HDPE Plastic is pcnnitted only if there is at least 9 inches of fill between the pipe and finished grade (see the installation guidelines at the end of this packet)
      • Once the installation is inspected and passed, the surety will be returned to the applicant with 30 days.

      Sketch / Drawing Notes

      • Utilize the installation guidelines at the end of this packet for the sketch/ drawing. A site plan may be used for this if the work is part of a larger project (e.g. new construction).
      • The grade of culvert pipe(s) must match the grade of the existing ditch line or specifications provided by the CBPWSD subsequent to the pre-construction meeting. Culvert pipe not matched to the existing grade or grade as provided by CBPWSD will not pass inspection.