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Woodlot Management Zoning Permit

  1. Application for Wood Lot Management Zoning Permit

    In order to process your permit the following items must be submitted. Failure to submit a complete package shall result in a delay in approving and/or releasing the permit.

  2. Woodlot Management Application Checklist
  3. Items Required (Applicant)
  4. Items Required (Staff)
  5. In order to meet the requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, new native species trees must be replanted within 6 months. A list of native species is available from the Planning Department. To close out the permit, a re-inspection of the new planting is required.

    • A copy of a tax receipt showing that taxes on the property are current (15.2-2286)
  6. Specific Performance Requirements
    • Replacement trees must be planted at a 2 to 1 ratio (for every tree removed 2 new trees must be replanted). This ratio is 3 to 1 within the Resource Protection Area (RPA).
    • New evergreen trees must have a minimum height of 6 feet at time of planting.
    • New deciduous trees must have a minimum caliper of 2.5 inches at time of planting.
    • Must be a native tree as listed on DCR website.
  7. Please fill out this form completely – if not, it will be returned. (Please print)

  8. Owner
  9. Contractor Info
  10. Property Information & Rational for Removal
  11. Subdivision

  12. (number, type, diameter/size & species)

  13. The undersigned attests that all of the information herein provided and specifically including any and all drawings, landscape plans, etc., required to be furnished by the applicant are true, correct, and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge. Additionally, I grant the Town staff or representatives of other government agencies permission to enter the property to inspect the proposed work and ensure all requirements/ordinances of the Town of Colonial Beach, the Commonwealth of Virginia or the federal government are found to be in compliance.

  14. Property Owner or Designated Agent

  15. Staff Use Only
  16. Replanting Schedule
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